Consulting Services

  • Contracted Management and Compliance

    Training and compliance directions from experts in the industry

  • Business Sales Strategies

    Marketing campaigns and strategies to enhance and grow any business

  • Purchase and Sales of Business

    List a healthcare business with us with no broker fees. Business to business interest and rapid acquisitions made by industry leaders

  • Medicare 855 submission

    Update and submit all of the 855 updates and changes of information . Change of ownership, new application for new provider submission and additional locations

  • Multi-State Licensing

    Take your company to neighboring states with licensing assistance, including business and zoning permits, state licenses and tax permits.

  • Nationwide Licensing and Training

    Expanding nationwide made easier through licensing and training. We take care of leases, hiring, training, POS support and local business requirements

  • HR Outsourcing

    We provide companies the Healthcare standard for operating and managing employees as required by state and federal guidelines. Employees are run through a step by step process of hire, from the first interview to drug testing, training and NDAs. Additionally other pertinent documentation is uploaded into a digital file ready for inspection and access by CEO’s and administrators at all times.

  • Branch expansion and relocation

    Moving or Expanding? ask us how to do it right

  • Accreditation Assistance

    JCAHO training and support including walk through of facility, face time of staff and on call support for any state.

  • Compliance Program Implementation

    Policy, procedures, and compliance implementation in accordance with state and federal governance, including CMS.

  • New Business Development

    Start a new business or grow your existing business

  • PTAN Maintenance

    Larger companies often have difficulty staffing and maintaining locations, especially if those locations have PTAN numbers. Often staff negligence and lack of training can lead to revocation of PTAN numbers. An outsourced compliance department can be useful not only for training and paperwork, but day to day supervisory support

  • Contracting

    Becoming a contracted healthcare provider is the first step to becoming more successful in the ever-changing insurance reform standards. Many companies suffer a substantial loss of clientele due to Medicare’s major medical reforms. As a result, other insurance companies are now allowing a selective number of providers to become contracted in response to the overwhelming need to service patients. Ask us about nationwide and in state contracting with multiple insurances.

  • Billing

    Billing services Available. Please call for details.

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